Air Bag 101

airbag light

If the air bag lamp comes on, then your car’s computer sees a problem with the air bag system. This safety concern should be addressed promptly.

The creation and evolution of air bags have saved countless lives. Older models were single stage; they would deploy violently and could cause damage to the occupant. Current airbags have multi-stages; they have a small burst of deployment before a full engagement to lessen the force.

This happens in milliseconds. Although the deployment is very loud, you will not likely hear it in an accident.

The vehicle computers look at various items to calculate when air bags deploy: seat position, seat belt latching, steering position, yaw sensors, inertia sensors, impact angles and impact force.

Many of today’s cars have more than 10 air bags. They come down from the roof, out from the knee bolster, the side of the seats, the center console, the steering wheel and the passenger dash to name a few.

It is extremely important that the driver position themselves in the optimal seating position.

• Move your seat to the rear as far as you can while still reaching
the pedals comfortably.

• Slightly recline the back of the seat. Many drivers can achieve a
10-inch distance from the steering wheel, even with the driver
seat all the way forward, simply by reclining. If reclining makes it
hard to see the road, raise yourself by using a firm, non-slippery
cushion, or raise the seat if your vehicle has that feature.

• If your steering wheel is adjustable, tilt it downward. This points
the air bag toward your chest instead of your head and neck.

At Eagle Buick GMC, our guests’ safety is paramount. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or concerns with your vehicle. We offer free advice and the cheapest coffee in town! Stop by today at 1275 S. Suncoast Blvd. in Homosassa!


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