Can You Trust Your Repair Facility? Eagle Buick GMC Suggests Questions You Should Ask!

You take your vehicle in for service and anxiously await what feels to be inevitable. Here comes your vehicle report card!

Here are a few simple things that you can do to be sure that you are not being taken advantage of.

If you are told that something is worn, ask to see it.

Worn Brake Pads

Look at the thickness which indicates wear. Have the technician show you how many millimeters thick the pads are. If they are not 3mm or less then you do not need the pads replaced.

Worn Tires

Again, look at the thickness which indicates wear. Have the technician show you the tread thickness of your tires. Tires do not require attention until they are 3/32″ or less.

Worn Belts

These have multiple wear indicators. First have the technician show you the ribbing on the underside of the belt. Do you see a lot of cracks? Is the top of the belt showing any metallic shine or fabric type material? Is there anything hanging off of the belt? If any of these are found then you need a new belt.

If you are told that they found a leak, ask to see it. Sometimes what is reported as a leak is really just normal seepage.


A leak is something that is actually dripping or has drip trails from leaking while under pressure. You will not always see the leak on your driveway because sometimes the drip only occurs while the vehicle is being driven. If a gasket is exhibiting an external leak then you should be able to see fluid.

Seepage is when an area has residue of road grime or dirt collected around a specific seal. If there are no signs of drippage then it is probable that what is being represented is just a normal by-product of lubrication.


At Eagle Buick GMC our number one goal is trust. We care about our guests and value their time.

For more information about properly servicing your vehicle or if you have questions about your vehicle, feel free to stop by, call, or email.

Jim Martin
Fixed Operations Director


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